I.T Specialist, Computer Hacking, Forensics, Computer Repairs maintenance,Website Developer & Cinematography.


No fix — No fee! In the highly unlikely case that I can not fix your problem, you don’t pay a penny for my time. I also do not charge a callout fee within 10 miles of Bracknell, negotiable thereafter.

Website design & SEO

Website design & SEO

I have always enjoyed creating startup websites for people to help them start their new business adventures. I know all the SEO tricks of the trade to get your site seen on the first page of Google.

Computer repairs & support

Computer repairs & support

A highly competent and enthusiastic 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support specialist with experience of
providing advice and practical assistance.

Cyber-Attacks & Defence.

Cyber-Attacks & Defence.

I am a qualified I.T Engineer and Ethical Hacker with a whole range of experience to help others learn how to protect themselves on computers and the internet.

Making Budget CCTV Systems

Making Budget CCTV Systems

I am an expert in making great security surveillance systems out of old computers with simple webcams after many years of experience I can secure your home with cameras on a very low budget.

Remote Desktop Support

Remote Desktop Support

I often use remote assistance to quickly help my clients in there time of need.
Using a program called Team Viewer I can quickly and safely connect from my home to there computer and fix any small problems. Its simple and easy and very secure.

Teaching I.T

Teaching I.T

Helping first timers get the best setup for there money and help them avoid scams and maintaining their computers.


Anton's Work


I am a qualified I.T Engineer and Ethical Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator with a whole range of experience in Software development, Networking, Website development, SEO, VOIP, Network communications, remote assistance, Virtual Machines, Hardware, Viruses, Cyber-Attacks and Defence. I use all my skills and experience to help others in all aspects of I.T and do the best I can to teach tips and tricks to help people protect themselves online. A bright, talented, ambitious and self-motivated web designer with a strong technical 
background who possesses self-discipline and the ability to work with the minimum 
of supervision. Able to play a key role through out a sites development to ensure 
maximum accessibility, customer experience and usability. A good team player who
thrives on creating engaging creative solutions, is deadline orientated and has the
ability to produce detailed technical specifications from client requirements.

Personal Info

  •   Do Not Use Mobile Phones
  •   Bracknell, Berkshire
And what is more you can diagnose why my Bank Tree program had scrambled some of my vital information, go through my computer and find the correct version, restore it and ensure the computer couldn't play that trick again! All by remote assistance. This guy has been great at saving me from emotional meltdown in the face of computer skullduggery over the years, and I highly recommend him!
Fi Fox

Fi Fox

Excellent service. Anton arrived early and resolved our fairly complex problem very quickly. He also provided some useful advice for maintenance going forward. Recommended.


Web Developer
Since having my laptop repaired at CTS the machine has never worked as well. Better than new after they fine tuned my machine. Brilliant! Technical support excellent and if they didn't know they found out and explained in simple understandable terms.


Anton went far out of his way to try to fix the problem. It proved impossible, but he tried every possible solution his end, and spent time talking me through, seeking a solution remotely on my MacBook. On the way, he sorted out a few other things on my machine as well. Couldn't wish for a more helpful or pleasant service.


Very convenient, hassle free service. My laptop crashed on the weekend, I called on Sunday and received my feedback late night the same day. My laptop was picked up on Monday and back on Wednesday. Great service, highly recommended.


My Dell All-in-One had several problems, including a failing HDD. CTS quoted for and fitted an SSD and extra RAM which have resulted in what I feel is now a high-performance unit that's a pleasure to work with! I dealt with Anton who gave very knowledgeable and realistic advice and I can't fault his service. I'll recommend to anyone!


Web Developer



T Shirt
I got the T Shirt ;) 


A cinematographer or director of photography is the chief over the camera and light crews working on a film, television production or other live action piece and is responsible for making artistic and technical decisions related to the image. The study and practice of this field is referred to as cinematography.


Not only do I do I.T work but I also love to do film making and promotional work for startups like Clubs, Pubs, Parties and all sorts of events.

 With my 4K Sony Camera and software like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro X I can create some excellent videos for companies. 

I mostly promote my friend who is a DJ and the venues he goes to.

DJ STUTZ is a top DJ for parties and clubs with FunFunkyDisco’s

Jagz in Royal Ascot is the top place to go in Berkshire  check out there website >>> JAGZ

Examples below of past videos: