Welcome to Club Paradise The First Of It's kind!

Ever Noticed That Every Dating App Has The Same People on it?

Well, This is my dating and hookup website for Gay guys in Bracknell and surrounding area. You must be over 18 years old to come in but the legal age of consent in the UK is 16?. This is a place of fun, making new friends and learning of each other or even a place to get some help on being Gay. It is up to you I believe in freedom of speech. If you get Caught underage in the club then God Help you!


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Club Paradise for voice

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Child Protection chat room

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BBC TV licence Resistance

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We Love Bracknell

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Bracknell has no Gay clubs and all we have is totally dangerous apps like Grindr!
I have made a safe website with a nightclub atmesfear to it calling it a Virtual Gay Night Club.
Its a great idea and its the best way to meet other without stupid adverts, also a safe place to go.
Safty, Help and awaeness it at the top of my list and to protect the inisnet.
Upove all freedom of speech!