Looking To Chat About IT Then Press Me

I think it is time to get rid of all the gay chat apps like GRINDR and any app that could a young teen in danger.
After researching Grindr I found the scariest situations a teen could be in, out of 1000’s of people on there, I could say there is about 10 nice people, the rest are monsters.
I got a Gay Chat room especially for Bracknell, just use that, you can say anything, freedom of speech and your under my protection.
I haven’t been in the gay scene for about 13 years now because I got a partner but you really cannot beat the early 2000’s, that was I came out and that was when Gaydar was boss and pubs and prides where amazing!
Now all I see from research is danger.
So I say Come to my chatrooms and be safe.

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The Good Old Days!

In the early 2000's!